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Michael Charles Siciliano

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11/04/17 07:29 PM #1    

Gary Manner

Mike was a good friend of mine in jr hs as well hs .we formed a bowling team with Pete cornacchio,Aaron goodhart,and myself.we called the team lucky strikes.mike was always a fun person to be with.the last time I saw him he was driving an XKE (yellow) jaguar.he stopped by our house and we shot some hoops.I called him Michael swishliano.....he was good.If there is one person I would like to see again it's mike.i remember when I was working at the armonk bowling alley and convinced him to flush a cherry bomb down the toilet in the mens room.yes that was our yearbook the bomb in the boys room was my design...a blast for the wright was so angry he made sure I did not pass the chemistry regents and therefore I did not graduate with the class of this day I feel confident that I got screwed.....But I never confessed as well as my partners.we had an agreement to not wright and mr Beatty were livid,but they had no proof.but wright got me in the end.never thought about that one.

Anyway,mike was a good friend and I believe a good person.he was always searching for something....I hope he found it. Man did he look cool in that XKE.

I pray that you are resting in peace

Gary manner

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