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Lucie Ardrey

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01/11/17 11:27 PM #1    

Robert Bloch

I first met Lucie just before we started 7th grade when her family moved from across town into the house next door to us. For me, Lucie was the "girl next door".  We were "sweethearts" for a few years and spent a great deal of time together.  As all who knew her at all remember, Lucie was remarkably alive, passionate, extremely smart and perceptive.  We shared homeroom and many classes and went to the junior prom together.  At some point, we went our separate ways . After graduation, Lucie went off to Wellesley, I made a road trip to Boston with some friends to see her during freshman year in college and maybe saw her during the summer, but then we gradually grew apart and lost touch.  

Earlier this year, when a few of us started talking about a reunion, and reconnecting with old friends, I decided to see if I could find Lucie.  I knew she had married but did not know her married name. But then, I hate to admit it, Facebook came to the rescue.  I searched for Lucie's siblings - Jackie, Alice and Corby.  Elliott Corbett Ardrey, now there is a distinctive name.  Wouldn't you know it, I tracked him down on FB near Charlottesville, VA where he is a professional EMT.  Corby was kind enough to share news about all his family members and the sad news about Lucie. He passed along a few recent pictures, which he invited me to share with all of you.  Here, in  Corby's own words, is what happened:    

"Wow! Really nice to hear from you Bobby. A whole lot of water has gone under the bridge. Lucy died 18 months ago, rather fast... cancer. She and her husband, Will, and one of their sons, Jesse, moved down to Virginia and lived with me for a little over a year after they left New York and before they settled into a cute little house right at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lucy was one of these gems who just kept getting sweeter and more playful as she aged. She always remained the gentle hippie and over the years got quite good at gardening, homesteading skills like herbal remedies and going out of her way to help anybody any chance she could. She was quite taken by surprise-was at first told by the doc that she just had gas. Within about 3 1/2 months she had surgery but never wanted to do radiation and chemo. About nine months later we buried her in the back yard, facing the mountains she loved. Will lost the will to live very shortly thereafter & was buried almost 6 months later.."          What can I say?


02/20/17 01:23 PM #2    

Melanie Blank

I'm so, so sad to learn of Lucie's passing last year.  We were good friends all through school.  I'm sorry we lost track of each other soon after graduation.  Corb, Jacqueline, and Alice -- I'm so sorry for your loss.  I have wonderful memories of times spent at your house.

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